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Travel, eat and learn to cook a Chinese banquet at the world renowned professional cooking school : Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine in Chengdu.

We have organized a thirteen night visit to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in the center of China, where you will learn in a highly professional environment how to prepare over 20 dishes of authentic Sichuan Cuisine.

Sichuan cooking is world-renowned for its combination of flavors and particularly its tongue tingling tastes. By the end of the course you will have the ability to prepare an entire Chinese banquet.

All classes will be either taught in English or taught in Chinese with an English translator present.

A travel adventure for people who love cook and eat, and want to have an experience of a lifetime.

Day One – Sunday

Arrival in Chengdu and Welcome Diner

We encourage you to arrive by mid-day in Chengdu so that you have a bit of time to relax. On Sunday evening the group will get together at the Shama Hotel lobby at 7:00 pm, and you will go out for for our Welcome to Chengdu Hot Pot dinner located in the downtown area

Day Two to Six – Monday to Friday of first week

Five days of daily cooking instruction at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine

Each day will start with a complimentary breakfast at the Shama. Then, at 8:30 a bus will take you to the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine’s new campus which is located in the suburbs of Chengdu. The trip is about 30 miles (50K) and due to Chengdu’s rush hour traffic, takes about one hour.

Classes at the Institute will commence at 9:30 am.

During the morning session, the master chef will demonstrate between one to three recipes. Morning classes should conclude by noon allowing for a one hour lunch break.

During the afternoon session, students will recreate the morning’s recipes. Each student will have their own wok, and all food and cooking materials are provided. The class will conclude around 4 pm, and the bus will bring those staying in downtown Chengdu back.

During the ten days, the shared goal of you and the Institute will be to increase your knowledge and skill in Chinese cooking and to enable you to prepare an entire Chinese banquet with an emphasis on Sichuan food. While we remain open to modify the program based on the professor’s expertise and your interests, some of the specialties might include:

  • Pork filled crescent dumplings
  • Bang Bang chicken (served cold)
  • Sichuan style cucumbers with garlic and chili oil
  • Mau Pau Do Fu (pocked mocked mother in law tofu)
  • Dan Dan Noodles
  • Beggars Chicken
  • Fish Fragrant Eggplant
  • Twice cooked pork Sichuan style or Mao’s braised pork
  • Cai – Chinese vegetables
  • Tang (soup)
  • Chinese desserts

Mau Pau Do Fu

Twice cooked pork

Twice cooked pork

Dan Dan Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles

Demonstration room - student area

Demonstration room - master chef area

Demonstration room - master chef area

Practice rooms - each student gets their own wok

Practice rooms - each student gets their own wok

Practice rooms - refrigeration equipment and work tables

Practice rooms - refrigeration equipment and work tables

Transportation will be provided back to central Chengdu after class. Evening meals are not included but we will make recommendations of some of the better local restaurants.

Day Seven – Saturday

Weekend excursion to Panda research center and Sichuan culinary museum

PandaIn the morning a bus will depart from downtown Chengdu and bring you to the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research which is approx 20 miles (35 km) north of the city. The research center is set up as a park which houses both giant (black and white) pandas and red pandas in a very natural environment. The center has a museum which explains the ongoing effort to breed Panda’s in captivity and then release them back into the wild. For an additional fee – you may have the opportunity to hold a baby panda.

From there you will visit the Sichuan Culinary Museum which exhibits many historical culinary implements and discusses the development of Sichuan cuisine. The museum is housed in a beautiful garden which has a well known restaurant where we suggest you enjoy lunch. The bus will return to downtown Chengdu by 3:00 PM.

Leshan Giang BuddhaDay Eight – Sunday

Weekend excursion to visit the Giant Buddha in Leshan.

Bus will depart Sunday morning from downtown Chengdu and return at approx 3:00 PM. The trip to Leshan is approx 2 hours and in addition to the giant Buddha there is a lovely park and monastery to explore.

Day Nine though thirteen – Monday to Friday of second week

Four and half days cooking instruction and celebration banquet

The program will continue as described above. Included in the itinerary will be an excursion to the Chengdu Food marketplace where you will be able to select spices for your own use. We will end class a bit early on Friday so everyone has time to rest for our celebration banquet at a well known Sichuan restaurant.

The program concludes Friday evening. At a minimum, we suggest you budget 13 nights of accommodations in Chengdu (from Sunday through Saturday morning). However, there there are so many things to do and see in the city, that if you have time we recommend extending your stay for a few days. We also have suggestions on other places to explore in China and would be happy to give you our recommendations.

Program Date

  • Starting on Sunday – March 13th, 2011 and conclude on Friday – March 25th, 2011
  • Starting on Sunday – October 16th, 2011 and conclude on Friday – October 28th, 20111
  • Additional tour departures can be arranged for groups of ten or more

Price quotation

Early bird discount (*) Standard price
CNY 13600
CNY 14620

(*) If deposit is paid more than 90 days before trip start date

The program includes

  • Welcome to Chengdu Hot Pot Dinner
  • Transportation to and from Sichuan Institute during school days if you are staying in downtown Chengdu
  • 10 day cooking program with morning demonstration and afternoon practice sessions
  • Weekend excursion to see the Panda’s and Sichuan Culinary Museum (transportation and admission). The trip will be timed so that you can have lunch at the Culinary Museum restaurant located in a lovely garden
  • Weekend excursion to Leshan to see the giant Buddha
  • Closing banquet and celebration dinner

What ‘s excluded

  • Hotel accommodation (eChinaTravel can help to  secure your hotel booking)
  • Evening meals

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